Where we came from

In early 2009 I signed up to go on an expedition to the Northern Patagonian Ice Cap. It’s a long story (and you can read it in our Articles section if you want to) but in short I found myself needing to acquire a lot of kit. So off I went into town to visit the usual suspects and found myself pretty disappointed by the knowledge and ranges available.

Fast forward to a culmination of three and a half weeks consuming my own body in snow caves, cowering from 100mph winds and your typical Patagonian climbing conditions. I had a lot of time to think; why didn’t London have more independent specialist climbing shops on the High Street?

I decided I wanted to try and create my dream climbing shop right here in the big smoke. So that is where the idea for Cold Mountain Kit was born; in a stinky snow-hole full of rotting mountaineers. You’ll be glad know that whilst we do still have the odd rotting mountaineer, our shops don’t stink.

Alex Palmer – CEO

snow cave, northern patagonia
Snow Cave, Northern Patagonia

What Matters to Us?
Just the one thing: you and your experience shopping with us and of course, kit!

Everyone who works at Cold Mountain Kit is a climber and a kit nerd. We seriously get off on finding you the best possible kit and most of us could make the subject of climbing gear an Olympic sport. But we know that it’s not just climbing and knowing about gear that makes a good shop, it’s customer service and we will always try to go above and beyond what you expect.

If you can’t find what you need we will do our utmost to get it in for you. If you don’t know what you need, we’ll try and help you work it out. And if you just want to chat climbing we’re ALWAYS happy to do that.

Cold Mountain Kit has come a long way since that first idea in the stinky snow cave. We now have a shop in central London and a second shop in Reading Climbing Centre. Both are jam packed with climbing kit and staffed by knowledgable and friendly climbers. For the best possible experience please come and visit one of these.

Not everyone can get in to see us, so that’s why we built this website. We don’t only want to sell you the best kit, we also want to offer ours and others knowledge about trips, gear, techniques, history and everything climbing, so make sure you visit our knowledge area of this site. There are tons of articles, videos, tricks and tips to make that boring journey home from work a little less tedious while rummaging the internet on your phone.

Cold Mountain Kit are also experts in aerial theatre rigging and we have a massive selection of rigging, rope access and stealthy black kit available in the rigging and rope access section of this site.

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