Climbing Shoes

The first thing to say on this subject is that the best way to buy your shoes is in one of our shops. Our staff are extensively trained to fit your shoes properly and nothing can replace a real life shoe fitting! Fitting climbing shoes virtually is in no way an exact science, so it can be tricky trying to get the right size when you’re buying online. We have tried (and are still trying) to make things easier for you. Our returns policy means that if you are happy to cover the postage we’ll send out and take back your shoes as many times as you want (the record so far is four times!). We hope this gives you a little more peace of mind, but let’s face it, it’s better if you can get it right first time.

It would of course be so much easier if all shoes and brands had generic sizing, but the very nature of climbing shoes and the individuality between models makes this impossible. So we have come up with four different climbing shoe fits which we think cover most people’s needs.

  • Beginner – A more forgiving fit for those new to wearing climbing shoes.
  • All day/comfort – For those well-used to climbing shoes who are looking for a fit that has a good balance between comfort and technicality.
  • Semi-technical – This is aimed at people who are prepared for a tight fit to get the most out of their shoes at the expense of some comfort.
  • Technical – This fit is really for those who are climbing hard and short, mainly boulderers and sport climbers. Be warned this fit will be aggressive!
  • N/A – Not applicable indicates that we don’t believe the relevant shoe will work for this type of fit.

So when you look at one of our climbing shoe products you will find a tab labeled ‘Size Guide’ and inside it a table like this:

Beginner N/A
All Day Comfort N/A
Semi-technical Drop 1.5 Euro sizes
Technical Drop 2 Euro sizes

All upsizing or downsizing is based on your normal street size of shoe, but as we say it’s not an exact science and is meant as an indication of what might work for you. If you’d like some proper advice, please contact us as we’re always happy to help and ask you the right questions to help you choose the right shoe and fit for you.

A note about buying shoes, harnesses and clothes on the internet (including us!).

  • Oooh these shoes really don’t fit!
  • Oooh these shorts really don’t fit!
  • Oooh these blah, blah really don’t fit… You’ve got the idea. S!*t don’t fit when you buy it on the tinternet!

You really, really need to try this stuff on. Really try it on, in a shop!

Just sayin…